Global franchise systems

The fastest growing business models in these last two decades are internet sales, and franchise business models. So - we put the two together. We are able to provide a franchise system - where you run your head office, and franchise or licence your business model to partners. Separate their area of control, by country level, city or smaller geographic area.

Launch your global franchise operation - or restrict your operational zone to your own area

Business owners have some great skills, but due to the limitation of simply being physically fixed to one place at one time - the franchise model provides significant opportunities to experience rapid growth, and for franchise holders - a ready made business can be started with lower costs and in a quicker time frame. You'll get to configure stock control settings and have access to full reporting on sales and be able to view client details. The franchise system provides transparent reporting across the business.

Service or non-stock franchises - take your business model to end of the planet!

Service model franchises are also fully catered for - with your access to advanced business owner tools that let you keep full control of your operation. You’ll have freedom to configure payment gateways, and handle communication with your team - all at ONETALKX. You can choose from running your franchise model on a single website domain, or run on a country-level domain. It's a powerful system that will boost your ability to grow faster than traditional business models.

Factory distribution model

Our team has worked with hundreds of factories over the years. A popular trend for many factories is the model where factories are now seeking to deal direct with consumers. The ONETALKX franchise model is fully capable of allowing key agents of factories to be based around the globe in a stock holding, or non-stock holding role to extend the reach of factories engagement in local markets. With the images and specifications of goods shared on a common database - local agents simply translate, deal with local customs requirements and become the local interface of the factory. It’s a powerful business model allowing factories to grow in non-traditional ways, and grow at speed.

Multiple foreign languages - be everywhere

To grow a truly global franchise business you’re going to have to present to local markets in local languages. ONETALKX understands this key issue, and ensures your external websites, and backend functionality can all be used in the local language of your franchisee. Your goods and services will be displayed in as many languages as is in use in the markets in which you wish to engage. Oh, and yes, naturally you will be able to sell in local currencies - applying all applicable sales taxes. Only at ONETALKX!
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