Tools for business growth

Been challenged with keeping all the parts of your business working together? You're gonna love ONETALKX!

Community - that's the basis of business. Our mission is to better allow you to connect with your target markets and execute with seamless business tools to bring real value to your clients, and ensure efficiencies are achieved along the way. Check out our amazing item management area, item share tools, staff access control, electronic invoicing, social media integration and so much more.

Business systems - connected, easy to use!

Connect with your customers, work with your customers, know your customers. Our contact management area allows you to work with your clients on so many levels. With an ability to place contacts in groups, and tag each contact with identifiers, go ahead and build your community - make special offers, create VIP groups, wholesale groups, or groups on any other basis. Give discounts to groups. It's flexible and allows you to work with your client group - long term.

Building your community - social media - how it's meant to be!

We encourage you to work with your community across multiple social media platforms. However, apart from simply getting your message out there, you need to think about how to really work with your followers and continuously exceed their expectations. The key is to always lead your media back to your ONETALKX, to allow them to join your community. Once you've secured their connection - you can connect them with product or service offers, and work with them over the long-term.
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