Our mission is to connect the diverse groups of planet earth, and work toward facilitating positive community initiatives. As part of this goal, we seek to empower commerce EVERYWHERE. Therefore, we have introduced our platform in multiple languages - to better help our communities rally around shared positive community values - which is the true global ONE LANGUAGE.

ONETALKX embraces the challenge - ALL LANGUAGES HERE!

Our journey has started in bringing a rich selection of languages spoken throughout the globe to the heart of the ONETALKX platform. It's a massive mission - but one that is at the core of our mission - to connect the world and facilitate a spirit of co-operation between cultures. Our ONETALKX team speak multiple languages and reside in multiple continents around the planet. We know the importance of recognizing the importance of cultural diversity - which is richly embedded in languages the world over. We'll be looking for support throughout this journey.

Run your website in you own language - or in many languages!

We heard the need - no matter if you are in business, or simply running a blog, or community group - you want to communicate and be heard in your own language, and interact in the language of your choice, but also due to the multicultural nature of our every-changing planet, and to be able to engage with communities that are increasingly multi-ethnic, we developed our multi-lingual external websites - add as many language modules to your site - a tremendous tool to work with the rich tapestry of society - which is our diverse community.
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