ONETALKX brings the world to you!

Sell globally

Selling globally just got way more simple

Our team at ONETALKX is based throughout the world and come from business backgrounds. We understand the world of global trade, and with this international mindset in play, have progressively extended the international sales toolkit to allow you to maximize your success as you engage the world of global trade.

Accept payments in any currency

ONETALKX business owners are scattered throughout the globe, and therefore we allow pricing to be set in the currency of your choice. With our growing range of payment gateway providers - more opportunities are presented to settle payments in your specific currency.

Sales tax - your options

Set sales tax rates according to the locations in which you sell. For example, in the USA, you may set your own region at one rate, while outer-state regions can be set to zero. It's a flexible system - which is best configured by you to satisfy local tax requirements.

Present to the market in the language of your choice - or multiple languages!

ONETALKX provides options for you to have multiple language versions on your site - even all navigation headings and buttons presented in that language. Let your client select the language in which they prefer to work. ONETALKX language modules provide amazing scope to facilitate you to contextualize within any culture.

Global Shipping

The ONETALKX shipping rates provide the option to set specific rates by major geo-regions, country levels, regions/states, city level, suburb level, ZIP codes, and postal codes. You get the idea! With ONETALKX you'll be able to quickly setup your international freight rates and start enjoying the world of global business.
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