Item share

After spending so many hours building your item list - adding images, specifications, weights and sizes - wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to bring a partner on board by selecting some or all of those items and simply share those items to their account so they can get to work promoting those items? It's one of the best features on ONETALKX.

Grow your team fast with item share

Grow your business by building a dedicated sales team. You may choose to setup your sales team to operate with dedicated sales areas - and with item share - you'll be able to access the same product base. Read more about our global franchise system.

Build a huge partner network

Imagine with just a few clicks as many items as you select will by duplicated to your partner's account. There has never been a more efficient method to grow your business. With features such as your sell price posted to their cost price, and auto-price update notifications - your partner can get up and running in an instant. Grow fast and retain full management of the process.
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