Sales conversions

We have developed tools to facilitate the conversion process from the first point of client contact, through to closing the deal. Stay in control of the process and never miss the opportunity to close the deal.

Create and manage groups to provide opportunities for sales

Organic marketing is the process of naturally acquiring clients, and one of the best ways to do this is to build a ONETALKX group, where you can share useful news and insights into what you are doing - such as new product releases and special deals. Build links to your items into your news feeds and once the client enquiries with you, you create an opportunity which allows you to follow the process until the deal is closed.

Opportunities - following the sales process

Opportunities are perfect to stage the sales process from the point of enquiry through to the point of closing the deal. Set suitable color status settings along with reminders. Add images and notes recording your interactions with the client. Using these tools makes it so much easier to convert general enquiries to completed sales.
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