Contact Management

No need to continue to struggle with managing contacts. Never again lose contact with the people that count by managing all your contacts in a single access point with the ONETALKX contact management toolkit. Contacts can be clients, suppliers, partners, or friends. Contacts form the basis for our CRM & ERP tools. Your information is always private.

All your contacts in ONE place!

Managing data that resides across so many platforms is complex. Our clients love the simplicity of managing all contacts in a SINGLE easy to search private database. The personal database has so many tools to add sorting tags, add notes, photos, or add to private or public groups. Even set discounts to any of your created groups. The ONETALKX CRM solution is so much more than a list of names and telephone numbers...

Contact groups and opportunities

Contacts fall into multiple groups, and often you will be working with a contact to close a sale, make a purchase, or to work on consultative basis. We've built in a powerful set of opportunity management tools - where you can create opportunities that relate to any one, or more of your specific contacts. Set a status that indicates where you are in the process, and even set alarms that drive notifications - so you never lose track of the critical issues.
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