Community forum

At ONETALKX, our mission is to connect the global community, and empower individuals and businesses to achieve worthwhile goals. As part of that mission, we are in the process of developing groups to allow us to better work with local communities and those of diverse ethnicities. Some of these groups will be open community groups, some private working groups and some business networks.

Open groups to represent ethnicity issues

Connecting the world poses challenges for any global community platform. That's why ONETALKX seeks to connect with diverse ethnic groups that have specific needs. We encourage individuals, community leaders, or commercial operations to join the conversation about how we can work together to achieve outcomes for common goals. We seek to focus on our commonalities, and build bridges to ensure we progressively build trust to pave the way for building a better and more connected community.

Working groups to connect with our ONETALKX business partners

Part of what we do is to facilitate business initiatives on the ONETALKX platform. We are progressively building local commercial teams to deliver within specific communities. Our teams work on language issues, marketing, customer servicing, and delivery of our business tools in those specific markets.
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