Shipping solutions

ONETALKX makes it easy for you to set freight rates for the goods you sell. Set rates within a specific area, or sell to the whole planet. We allow you maximum flexibility to work with the freight companies of your choice - and set rates for small items or large bulk deliveries. Rates are set by zones, or ZIP codes in the USA, and Postal Codes in the UK. No matter where you do business, we've got the solution for you.

Set rates for multiple freight providers

Enter freight rates for multiple freight companies and let your clients choose the service the best suits them. Use metric or imperial measurement systems. Assign rates to specific zones in the area in which you intend to sell. Set rates for the whole world if you are doing global sales. In the USA, we've even built in sales tax by states.

Flexible options to facilitate sales

Set free shipping for all items or just selected items, or set free shipping for orders that exceed a specific value. Allow goods to be personally uplifted from a dedicated address. We provide the tools, you determine the strategy.
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