Case studies - see what others have achieved

The needs of trading in a global environment have become increasingly complex, and small companies simply do not have the resources to develop complex technologies to handle the needs of complex markets. ONETALKX stands in the space between huge markets and those seeking to access those markets - by developing solutions to assist even very small companies to make BIG things happen.

NUABABY.COM - goes global

Nuababy, an innovative Irish firm, delivering a washable one-size-fits-all nappy (diaper) to global markets came to us with a need to use a single domain with decentralized country level management with multiple languages and countries. With some two years on the platform Nuababy now has a presence across Europe and the USA, extending to Asia and beyond. See

BORGBLADE.COM - global franchise

Utilizing new generation technology tools, BORGBLADE, is in early stage launch for a global operation of high end five blade american steel razor blades - and all based on ONETALKX technology and API functionality. The needs of the project were to assign sales partners by area - dividing countries by regions, and regions by narrower geographic zones - directing online sales to those partners. Multiple languages, multiple currencies, individual stock holdings, zone-based social media tools and naturally partner management of finance. All using a single domain - See BORGBLADE.COM
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