Buying on ONETALKX means choice, value & community building


Buying - finding goods or services even from the remote parts of the planet - all here on ONETALKX!

Some say there are 100 million plus businesses operating on the planet! Our goal is to bring a worldwide network of businesses to ONETALKX to bring choice and value to the ONETALKX community. Building a global online shopping mall, spanning the continents of planet earth to bring unique offers from the far flung corners of planet earth, and presenting to the public in local languages and local currencies is our passion.

Find products or services

Finding the right product or service can be painful. Up until the emerging of ONETALKX, there has never been a single easy-to-use global platform that allows the listing of products and services from every country in any language and any currency - for zero cost. Global connectivity and empowerment of the individual are key drivers in the ONETALKX mission. Instead of using search sites that simply produce a list on unsorted website addresses - based first on how much a company is willing to pay - you get a more user oriented search result - allowing bookmarking of contacts and items, and compare tools. It's how search is meant to be done.

Find a business, supplier or group with a common focus

You may have a need to find a business or service provider. ONETALKX has a growing list of businesses based all over planet earth. Bookmark your favorite suppliers, and connect with businesses or suppliers that are right for you. Become part of a community of trusted buyers and sellers by joining ONETALKX groups. You'll be surprised that so many others in the community share your values.
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