Getting started

Connecting your business to the world is something we take very seriously at ONETALKX! Everything we do is designed to empower you to grow your business and connect with your community. We can't wait to walk you through the options, and empower you to succeed. We've got a great range of tools in the tool box, and so many new tools in the development pipeline. You're going to love it!

Make ONETALKX your business platform

If you do not have your own domain - don't worry! We've developed an extensive and flexible set of tools - all available on the ONETALKX platform, and mainly available at no cost. Each business has diverse needs in order to connect with the market, so go ahead and select the plan that works for you - choose from running your own blog, enquiry cart, or get the all the bells and whistles fully-enabled online store!

Use your own domain with ONETALKX!

Already registered your own domain? Great! Just link it to your ONETALKX account to gain access to a huge range of tools that let's you better manage interactions with your clients, while retaining your own look & feel of your own site. You'll be able to manage all your data, and interactions with clients on the ONETALKX platform. Display all items and blog articles on your own site - while at the same time display all those items and new stories on the ONETALKX platform! It's a powerful solution that brings often disconnected CRM and ERP functions under the roof of a single management account.
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