Scale fast with our API


Shared cloud-based technologies provide enormous cost efficiencies to businesses worldwide

ONETALKX leads the way in providing shared cloud-based resources to allow businesses to scale at speed. It is simply not cost effective to develop your own suite of business management tools, and by taking advantage of the ONETALKX extensive set of free resources, costs can be reduced and opportunities for growth enhanced.

The way of the future

Running your own website just became so much easier at ONETALKX. Select from one of our amazing templates, personalize it with your logo and content, and we'll connect it to the business ONETALKX management platform by way of an API. This means you need to worry about nothing except business growth. No matter how fast you are growing - your IT structure will stand rock-steady along the way.

Complete business system

The outmoded method of owning your IT development has fast transformed into a model where businesses adopt cloud-based technologies and share powerful business platforms. A complete system to manage all of your business - that's our mission at ONETALKX. So, you get more than just a website - you get a complete business management system - linked by API to allow the seamless flow of information from website to your back-end admin panel.
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