B2B and wholesale business

Sell globally

You're going to need some special tools

Wholesale and bulk orders often involve negotiation, specific shipping rates, and various packing needs. This requires a more tailored set of tools to connect with the market. We've packaged various solutions to provide great looking interfaces to your client base, but with a complete set of tools to handle order fulfillment.

Wholesale & bulk orders

B2B products often are complex in nature, and businesses in this space usually operate enquiry sites, rather than online stores - although there is no restriction to allow online sales. Pricing can be displayed as set prices, price ranges, bulk pricing, or simply set to ask. Orders can be manually fulfilled, or completed by the client while signed in to their account. It's a flexible system to allow you to work in the way that best suits your business.

Market segmentation

Contacts are at the centre of ONETALKX. Segment clients into specific groups, provide specific pricing discount levels as required, and release your business news and product updates to those specific groups. This connection between contacts and groups will allow an all-round better customer experience and provide powerful tools to execute more efficiently.

Professional design with advanced management tools

Form versus function - it's often a trade-off, but not at ONETALKX! There is no need to compromise on any aspect of design when it comes to your website's appearance. Not only do you get a fantastic set of templates to choose from, but you get a range of tools to better manage the specific needs of operating within the context of the B2B market.
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