Multiple payment gateways - implement your preferred providers


We take care of the details - just fill in a couple of fields - and you'll be in business

Whether trading globally, or simply selling on a local basis, ONETALKX makes it easy for you to add your favorite payment providers. We're continuing to add to the list to ensure your favorite option is available.

No added fees

Our goal is to provide multiple payment gateways for your choice. We simply provide the payment options - you select all or some of the options. We have no additional fee structure that gets applied to the payment gateway.

Choice of payment providers

ONETALKX is the first global initiative to connect the world of trade on a single platform. Our first global gateway was global leader Paypal. A recent study by comScore concluded that conversion rates were 82% higher with PayPal than all other payment types combined. We are now in high-level negotiations to add major payment gateways focused on the markets of USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Easy set-up

If you've ever managed your own site, you'll no doubt no the hassle and the expense of implementing and managing your checkout cart. It can be frustrating and costly. At ONETALKX, we make it so easy to get started. For example, Paypal simply requires your email and currency of choice - so simple, so easy!

Sell in any currency, and any country

The world is so connected. Trade today is no longer hemmed in by artificial or geographic borders. We completely understand the issues at hand and allow you to advertize in ANY currency and receive payments in that same currency. It's never been so flexible. Never been so 'one world'.
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