Effectively reach your target market with our powerful marketing & SEO tools


OK, how's that going to happen?

First, we bring you the structure to not only rank well in SEO searches with our site-wide custom SEO fields, but also streamline the process to capture core client details from external traffic sources, but there is plenty of work to be done by you!

ONETALKX - built with SEO in mind

Every item listed, blog entry published, or knowledge base article is fully configured for SEO - which includes technical stuff like titles, header tags and metadata fields. This means it becomes so much more easy for your information to be found by search engines. If you run an external site, we provide site-wide HTTPS for full security, providing comfort by clients after landing on your site from the source of their search.

Goodbye email marketing - hello ONETALKX groups!

ONETALK seeks to provide a full 360 degree complimentary suite of business tools, without the need to use multiple third party sites to achieve business outcomes. With both open and closed groups being provided, articles, news, offers or activities can simply be promoted within the site. ONETALKX provides a notification of the details to those in your group - making the whole operation seamless.

Comprehensive marketing tools

check Full contact management & customer segmentation
check Add franchise module - grow at speed
check Powerful item share to approved partners
check Every account gets to run a powerful blog
check Items and articles easily shared on social media
check External sites come with subscription capture
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