Run a blog

Running a blog from ONETALKX becomes a pure joy. Simply create an article title, enter text and images and post! We create a searchable archive and time date stamp. We handle backup and security. Get started today.

Fully dedicated blog site

We've got some of the best dedicated blog sites available for your use. Select a template, make your design changes and get up and running in an instant. Even use your own external domain name. It's easy to setup and even easier to manage. All accounts come with a free blog - so with nothing holding you back - start publishing today.

Social media and blogs

Here's what we suggest - run ALL of your social media releases on your blog as a first step. Post your news on your diverse social media accounts - and ALWAYS post the link leading back to your blog posting. This way you can encourage registrations and stay in permanent contact with your target market. It all starts with your ONETALKX blog.
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