Establish an enquiry site

Selling big ticket items, complex products, or simply promoting your services needs a special type of interface to the market. We understand, and therefore have developed an option for sellers to advertise products or services without having to advertise a price, or allow clients to purchase online. Our enquiry sites allow you to promote your product catalog on ONETALKX, or promote on your own domain.

Know who you are talking to...

Every time you receive an enquiry, you get a clear record in your database of your client's details, their location and the nature of their enquiry - all accessible in your contact list. This forms the beginning of your business relationship. You may choose to reach out and ask them to join private or public discussion groups, or even take advantage of special offers.

Convert, convert, convert!

Building your client base is simply the first step. The key to a successful business is understanding your client's needs or hopes. That's why we built a powerful opportunity toolkit. Every enquiry becomes an opportunity, and with our our substantial set of communication tools - we provide every opportunity to convert enquiries into sales. It's all about managing the sales process.
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