Strong, secure and scalable, with access to multiple international server farms - ONETALKX leading the way


Sit back and relax - and let our professional global team handle all your data needs!

Using Tier 1 server farms ensures both data integrity and speed of access. We provide SSL certification for your external sites and ensure 24/7 security maintenance over your data. Self-hosting is rapidly becoming a thing of the past due to significant changes in policies relating to data management. That's a big reason people choose ONETALKX.

Reliable site up-time

We work with large server farms - based worldwide, where we can ensure reliable service and maximum up-time. With built-in redundancy, we make sure exposure to downtime is always minimized.


Only with cloud-based storage solutions can your business avoid hardware constraints and take the opportunity to grow fast. Your site will be hosted on industrial-scale server farms - ensuring your plan for growth will never be hindered with hosting constraints.

Security plus

We have multiple built-in security measures to minimize security risks. We operate professional backup solutions and remain vigilant over your data 24/7.

Guard against attacks

A common form of attack on sites is DDoS. This is a short form of Distributed Denial of Service which describes a DOS attack where multiple compromized systems, which are often infected with a Trojan, are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. ONETALKX has set in place specific best-in-industry safeguards for this type of attack.
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